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Our Grinders

Centerless grinders work by feeding parts through a pair of spinning wheels that work as a guide and grinder. The slower moving "feeding wheel" is what puts pressure onto the part and in turn puts pressure on the part and grinding wheel. This pressure is what grinds the part as it now has contact on the grinding wheel. The parts final finish is acheived by operator adjustments and parts are measured for exact precision regularly to guarantee consistant accuracy. This also gives each job a human element which has been streamlined into an art. We operate each job with care and attention to the final objective. We perform our jobs on the machines listed below. 


1 - Cincinnati 00

2 - Cincinnati 2EA

2 - Cincinnati 2OM

 1 - VanNorman 1C

 1 - VanNorman 2C

Flint Centerless Grinding, Inc.

1838 Remell Street - Flint, MI 48503
810-744-1540 - Fax 810-744-1821

E-mail FCGTom@aol.com